We’ve been producing firewood since 1984, and our product today is the best it has ever been. Recent changes to UK legislation on supplying firewood has given the firewood industry the shakeup it has needed, and in line with this legislation, we are Woodsure Accredited suppliers, meaning our firewood is quality assured, and certified to meet the standards set out to control quality, moisture and legal origin of the wood. All of our firewood is grown and sourced from within the UK for the lowest carbon footprint, and processed by ourselves in-house


Firewood logs can be delivered to your door in bulk bags, or collected either in bulk bags or any loose quantity from our depot in Crossroads. Deliveries of logs are free within 10 miles of our depot, and beyond this are charged on a price per mile basis.


£86Per Bag
  • or £76 for unseasoned

Kiln Dried Hardwood

£96Per Bag
  • or £86 for unseasoned


£6Per Bag


Collecting firewood from our yard allows you to get any amount, however small or large you like, and we also give you the flexibility to choose each log you purchase, as all loose purchases are weighed over the weighbridge.
Small bags are also available to fill and bags of kindling are also available.


Our woodchip, also known as “Mulch”, consists of recycled tree branches, which have been reduced to wooden chips. This product is a mix of all different species of trees and bash and is used largely on paths and planting areas to help keep weeds at bay.

This can be collected in loose quantities, at £30 per yd³, or in small bags at £3 per bag. If you bring your own bags, these will be priced accordingly, based on their size.
Woodchip can also be delivered loose per yd³, with a minimum delivery charge of £15 per order. Please note, we do not deliver woodchip in bulk bags, it is tipped loose.


Our sawmill is located at our depot in Crossroads, where we saw bespoke timber to your requirements.
This consists predominantly of Oak beams and Oak planks, of which we keep a small selection of stock, however as our timber is cut-to-order, its best to contact us with your sizes to ensure you get what you need.

All of our timber is rough sawn, and we can incorporate wany/rough edges and features into the pieces as required.

Whilst we predominantly cut Oak pieces, we can cut timber out of any species, subject to availability. If you would like a tree removing by us, we are also capable of sawing this up for you to use for yourself, to your requirements if needed. **Please note, this is subject to the suitability of the wood and it being free from defects such as mud cavities and metal.**


We also cut log slices to your requirements, these are highly popular for wedding centre pieces, or for display purposes. Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

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