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We provide a variety of services, ranging from tree health to garden privacy and also attend to trees to your personal preference.

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Removal of the tree in small sections, usually done where it is not possible to fell the tree in one move, e.g: in confined spaces, or where there may be an obstacle under the tree, such as a greenhouse.


We can supply and plant trees to give different flowers, berries, leaves, etc. Often if a tree with a preservation order has been removed, the council require a replacement to be planted, this can involve a different type of species to the one removed to prevent out growing certain areas.

Crown Thinning

Selectively removing a percentage of the branches growing within the crown of the tree to open up the canopy. This allows wind to circulate through more easily and provides more dappled light. Another result means more light penetration and retains the natural shape of the tree.


We can reduce and shape hedges to your requirements, trim for tidiness and we can also arrange for annual maintenance programmes to make this easier.

Crown Lifting

Removing the lowest branches from around the bottom of the tree canopy, allowing light to penetrate under the tree.

Crown Cleaning

Removal of dead, damaged, weak branches throughout the crown to maintain good health.

Crown Reduction

The reduction of the tree spread by reducing the branches by a specific amount, e.g 1m all round


Cutting the tree down in one action.

Stump Removal

Where trees are removed, we also offer a stump grinding service, to remove the stump into the form of chippings, to allow re-planting, or alternative use of the area.

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With a wealth of experience developed from over 35 years of business, we have been undertaking domestic tree maintenance and removal alongside our commercial contracts, since the beginning

Domestic customers can expect a personal experience, with each job tailored to satisfy the individual needs of our customers, their trees and their properties. We offer a diverse range of services, ranging from pruning, removal and shaping of trees, to hedge trimming and stump grinding.

Much of our work is undertaken in conservation areas, and on trees which have been issued with tree preservation orders (TPO’s). All potential works are checked for these legalities, and where necessary, relevant applications are submitted on your behalf.

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